On this page I want to share the websites & blogs I am using frequently to prepare my trips and travels. Pages that inspires me a lot, pages that get my bucket list growing and make my plans and dreams come true. You want to see your blog here on this list? If Ostendnomad appears on your website/blog…leave a reply and  we have a deal:)!

It’s now a year on this huge and gorgeous blogging world, creating layout and share our stuff. As I am not native to english, and my grammar sucks  some times:), there is somebody who edits and corrects my writing. The last few months we’ve become friends, sharing our thoughts about blogging and many other things. She edits my written English, I advice her about basic photography skills. Nice exchange isn’t it? Visit her blog, Southern by Design and enjoy Michelle her writing skills and photography.


Airline companies

Where to overnight?

  • My favorite bookings site/application:
  • Meet and stay with locals?  Couchsurfing is great community! Are you in Belgium, region Oostende/Bruges? Maybe my couch is still available->

My Favorite Blogs


Edited on 28/03/2017


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