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Dear followers, readers and sympathisants:). Many of you guys, noticed already a ‘little’ big change? The last two years , I found a lot of (travel) inspiration in the world of blogging and I enjoyed it a lot! Connected with so many nice people, I’ve learned a lot about photography, found so much inspiration and my bucket list is growing and growing:). Thanks folks!

I was thinking about a change for a few months and I had a few questions: I have the technical skills to run a self hosted website? Should al my followers  (1100x thanks!:) ) find the way to my new blog? What about my balance Social life/Social media?

But I took the challenge. I struggled a lot with the migration of all my posts(158) and still not all the pictures are migrated (Have to do it manual for many posts).

This is my last post on and hopefully, feel free to follow me on .

Thank you so much for all the comments last two years. Encouragements, constructive critiques and so much more. Blogging is fun! Muchas Gracias!


Stef (Ostendnomad)


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