Urban Photoessay: #46 “The Narrow Streets of Covilha”

My visit to Covilha was one big highlight. Overwhelmed by the charming little cute narrow streets, little doors and windows. Some buildings in abandoned state, some renewed in their original state. So, I was thinking, the narrow streets, are definitely worth a blogpost:)? Portugal has so many beautiful places, and for sure, Covilha one of those places. Enjoy my picture gallery, and have a nice sunday all:)!The Narrow Streets of Covilha 10The Narrow Streets of Covilha 1The Narrow Streets of Covilha 2The Narrow Streets of Covilha 3The Narrow Streets of Covilha 4The Narrow Streets of Covilha 5The Narrow Streets of Covilha 6The Narrow Streets of Covilha 7The Narrow Streets of Covilha 8The Narrow Streets of Covilha 9

13 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #46 “The Narrow Streets of Covilha”

  1. Love the little narrow streets. Interesting photos.

    1. Easily you can get lost in those narrow streets, it’s such a lovely place. Thanks for commenting. greets Stef

  2. 😀. A subject I like to explore when traveling. Thanks.

    1. It’s great to stroll around in such picturesque places isn’t it:). Thank you Ted.

  3. I love the small narrow streets. Thank you for sharing!

    1. The narrow streets are so wonderfull, glad you like them. Thanks you for passing by. Greets Stef

      1. Welcome, Steph. Please see here narrow streets in Bulgaria.https://www.andrey-andreev.com/the-old-bulgarian-streets/

  4. Wonderful captures! The tones, composition, and symmetry of all the shapes – excellent.

  5. I can’t believe how narrow the streets are! Glad it was a highlight for you and thanks for sharing!

  6. Love the streets and the building architecture…

  7. Beautifully shot, makes me want to go and explore there right now!

    1. I definitly recommend Charming Covilha:)! Hope you can go there soon. Thanks for visiting my blog Andrew

  8. A place with a lot of character!

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