Urban Photoessay: #45 “Jardim do Lago (Covilhã)”

Covilhã is divided in two parts: the lower part of the city, and the more upper part. The upper part is just that little more picturesque. Narrow streets, a bit of abandonment (remember, the gone glory of the textile manufacturing), small tiny doors and much more. In the lower part of the city, you can find a huge shopping mall and between the busstation and railway state: an artificial designed “Jardim do Lago”. A real “Lake garden”, built in 2005. In this area you can find a restaurant, a playground, lakes and ducks:).

And the nice thing was, I just came up before the sunset! Nice little cute ducks were swimming in one of the lakes. Perfect moment to grab my camera and experiment with my HOYA 7 2/3 stops filter:).

Jardim do Lago 1
Ducks at Jardim do Lago
Jardim do Lago 2
Modern designed stairs & bridge
Jardim do Lago 4
Sunset @ Jardim do Lago
Jardim do Lago 6
Evening has fallen
Jardim do Lago 7
lovely duck:)
Jardim do Lago 8
ducks are playing around:)

Jardim do Lago 9Jardim do Lago 10Jardim do Lago 11Jardim do Lago 12


14 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #45 “Jardim do Lago (Covilhã)”

  1. Thank you Nice photos!

    1. Glad you like them:). Enjoy your day

    1. Thanks:). Have a nice day

  2. oh my these photos are lovely and Covilhã definitely looks like a place i want to visit one day!

  3. That early-morning light is so subtle that it’s difficult to capture — but you’ve done so beautifully! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  4. Wow! your pictures are always cool but these ones are absolutely amazing!

  5. Some of the most adorable duck photos I’ve seen, especially the third from the bottom.

  6. Love that mandarin duck!

  7. Amazing ducks and lovely photos!! I also love sunsets and you were lucky to arrive there just in time 🙂 Have a great week-end and take vitamin C !

    1. Thank you my loyal follower x. Vitamine C, yeeees! Need lot of them! On your last comment… you’ve texted me about an email you would sent? Carlosostendpce@gmail.com and if u want, feel free to add me on fb: stefaan tanghe. Enjoy your weekend

  8. Wonderful impressions!

    1. Thanks Ronja:). Hopefully you’ll enjoy my website. greets Stef

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