Urban Photoessay: #43 “Abstract Porto (part one)”

Hello all! My newest blogpost, the first blogpost of 2018, is a photogallery about how I captured Porto in more abstract way. Before 2 years, I photographed every statue, every church where I’ve been and seen. I realized, that it’s not about photography, it’s just about memory. What isn’t bad though:). Strolling through the streets, notice the contrasts. Lines. Shadows. Curves. Where the old meets the new. Which one is your favorite?

Abstract Porto 1.1
Old meets New in Porto

Abstract Porto 1.2Abstract Porto 1.3Abstract Porto 1.4Abstract Porto 1.5Abstract Porto 1.6Abstract Porto 1.7Abstract Porto 1.8Abstract Porto 1.9Abstract Porto 1.10Abstract Porto 1.11Abstract Porto 1.12

19 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #43 “Abstract Porto (part one)”

  1. Every photo is great, can’t choose a favourite! Nice work. ❤️

    1. Hehe, thanks! Glad you enjoyed them:). Stay tuned, soon part 2:)

  2. Hey Stef, I do have a favorite pick this time: 4th from the bottom, the stairways/railings with the strong shadows. Ok also the people sitting at the round, empty counter, with the round lights overhead, looks like a waiting area for an alien abduction. And 3rd, the people walking along the terrace, with the stone retaining wall bisecting the shot so neatly, and dividing it between the upper town and lower.
    I like the other shots, too. A great album to kick off the year

  3. Very interesting; subjects, perspective, color/black and white. Nice!

    1. Thank you, was fun to be in porto! I am Glad you liked my shots. Enjoy the upcoming weekend Anne.

  4. Gorgeous photos as usual!

    1. Thank you so much:), thanks for passing by. Greetz Stef

  5. My favorite is the sea wall, but I am struck by the first photo. I had a strong memory of seeing that first blue tiled building in Porto. I remember thinking it looked half finished……The sea wall though, makes me want to walk out on it.

  6. Hello there, happy new year

  7. Darn it, the comment got posted before I could finish it. I also wanted to add that the lighthouse shot is my favourite.

    1. Happy New Year Miss Dippy-Dotty. Lighthouses, always fascinating isn’t it:). Thanks for sharing your opinion. Have a nice weekend x

      1. I do have a thing for lighthouses. I suppose it’s the contrast of solitude with stormy nights that does it for me.

  8. Very nice article. Documenting what you see, where you are, have always been important to me as a photographer, street photography (before people flooded the world).

    1. Exactly! And this is also the way how I made progress so far as ‘hobby’ photographer. Enjoy your weekend Ted, and thanks for leaving a comment:).

  9. Oh I like the ones with strong slanting shadows in them – they are the sort of compositions I like to paint. I also like the first one for the reflections and pattern on the tiles. Thank you.

  10. The lighthouse, I think. Though I like them all!

  11. They’re all fabulous but I think the slight stand out for me is the guys sitting at the bar 🙂

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