Urban Photoessay: #42 “Balneário Marinho de Espinho”

My Street Art hunting in Estarreja was earlier done than expected. So, why not to take the train back to Porto and get off at one off the stops before Porto Sao Bento main station and have a nice long walk along the coast and dunes?  The place that I had chosen was the beach resort called Espinho. In this photoessay, 4 photographs and interpretation of the Public Pool in Espinho: “Balneário Marinho de Espinho”. Balneário Marinho de Espinho1Balneário Marinho de Espinho2Balneário Marinho de Espinho3Balneário Marinho de Espinho4

WPC:2017 Favorites

2 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #42 “Balneário Marinho de Espinho”

  1. I like these photos very much. I must say it’s easier to appreciate your photography this way than when you post many small ones. The first two especially are very interesting.

  2. These are really engaging photos. So interesting. Some angles you captured reminds me of a cruise ship. All my best to you. Thank you.

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