Urban Photoessay: #40 “Porto Sunset Views”

Ola a todos! Hello everyone! Here I am, back with apologies, was urgently in need of a blogging break. Last 2 months were quite heavy: stressy times at work, living in uncertainty (dads health, but already received some ‘good’ news). Too much impulses for OstendNomad. But I am back! Live from Portugal, the destination of my well deserved annual December trip.

Usually, my holidays are well prepared. A list with priorities to see, plan A/plan B. This time, none of this, only a inner date with my camera:).  Have chosen 3 cities that are known for it’s Street Art scene. Landed on Monday in (O)Porto, left this morning already to Viseu (with overnight), in search of vibrant painted walls. Tomorrow Wednesday, set my sails to Covilha (2 nights). A city located at the bottom of the highest Portuguese mountain range, Serre Da Estrela. A day Street Art hunting, and if the weather allows me the second day, why not to do a hiking trip:)?! Thursday return to charming Porto, Sunday evening back home (Christmas!). Well, enough talk for now. Let me show you a few sunset shots, taken Monday evening (18/12).

Sunset, view on the Douro River and “Ponte Da Arrabida”. (no tripod, used the concrete wall as support)

Experimenting with my Hoya 200ND filter 7 2/3 stops (no tripod, used the concrete wall as support)

Well, what do you think guys? Filters are fun?! Really hope to develop my skills in this aspect of photography. Until next time…

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16 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #40 “Porto Sunset Views”

  1. Welcome back 👍🏻

  2. Love the colours in these shots, and glad to hear your Dad is ok. Enjoy your trip Stef. 🙂

  3. Not clear on which shots used the filter. Nice work.

    1. Last two pics are with filter,I thought that it was easy to recognise? Filter-> create a mirror effect(water, sea, lakes, river etc). Thanks for commenting Sherry.

      1. Was also written above the pictures.

  4. Wow! Beautiful photos!

  5. I’ve used polarizing filters but never ND. This makes me want to!

  6. Beautiful photos! I hear you about needing a blogging break. I’ve been feeling a bit blocked the past few months. Perhaps a combination of losing daylight and the buy holidays? Cheers!

  7. It turned out great, well composed. Might try my hands on some filters, see what i can squeeze out 🙂

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