Urban Photoessay: #39 “Museum of Illusions”

One of my priorities to visit in Zagreb was absolutely  “Museum of Illusions”. What to expect of this museum? Ehmmm… Really didn’t know. Illusions:)? Yes! Welcome to the world of Illusions and experience the impossible! The Museum is very interactive: a rotated room, educational puzzles and games, optical illusions and much much more.  It’s just fun for young and old.20171009-DSC06459  And the nice thing is, open daily from 9am-10pm. Explore Zagreb city in the daytime, and spend your evening in this brilliant museum. Fun guaranteed! Even if you are not a fan of museums? Give it a try:). With this blogpost I show you  stuff you can see and experience in this museum.

The Beuchet Chair Illusion

The Magic Box

OstendNomad as dessert? Bon Appetite!:)

Random stuff

The Location


13 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #39 “Museum of Illusions”

    1. Oh yes! One of the coolest museums I’ve been! Thanks for passing by.

    1. It is:). Really recommend this funny museum to everybody who visit Zagreb.

      1. I’d like it. I love things like those illusions.

  1. These museums are lots of fun. We visited one while in Singapore. Kids loved it. Something different!

  2. That would be an awesome evening with friends! So interesting, thanks for sharing:)

  3. Excellent photos, and they made me a bit dizzy too! 😬

  4. Very cool! I’d like to go, and take a bunch of kids along.

  5. This museum look a bit different and unique as compared to normal ones,some amazing masks and funny photos…

  6. oh, super! vous êtes magicien.

    1. Yes, one of the coolest museums ever visit:p! Thanks for passing by:)!

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