Weekly Photo Challenge: “Serene Landscapes”

My choice for the WPC of this week are Serene landscapes photographed in the Salta Region, Northern Argentina.

26 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “Serene Landscapes”

  1. Great shots, this looks similar to our Mojave Desert here in Las Vegas.

    1. Thanks:). Well other travellers told me this too that it’s very similar too some national parks in the United States.

  2. wow these are great! The quality and texture of all these photos are amazing!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Interesting landscapes.

    1. Thanks a lot. Wonderfull nature in Argentina

      1. You are very welcome!

  4. Great shots, congratulations!! 🙂

  5. Wow! I am entranced, under a spell, fascinated. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!!!!

  6. Fab photos, cool cacti.

  7. I’m going there next year, part of my 6-month break from work, can’t wait!!

    1. 6-month break wooow! Great plan! Which countries? Argentina, Chile?

      1. Aiming for several countries through Asia and South America 🤩
        I’ll tell you all about it through my blog 🤗

      2. hehe ok, looking forward to it 🙂 x

  8. Prachtige landschappen mooi weergegeven !!

    1. Merci claude… al moet ik toegeven… jouw winterse landschappen zijn ook hemels

  9. Wow! Certainly looks serene – lovely photos!

  10. I love Argentina! That region is pretty much the only one we didn’t visit! Those cacti look amazing in your photos. Very serene shots indeed 😄

    1. Good reason to go back by time:)? Greets Stef

  11. Beautiful photos. The one with the long road and the purple mountains in the distance is my favorite. Makes me want to run. Or write. Or daydream. Great job!

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely words! The high dry North of Argentina… inspiring area! Enjoy the rest of your weekend:).

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