Street Art Around The Globe: “Re:Think Sisak”

As I told you in a former episode of “Street Art Around The Globe: Zagreb”, I was lucky to meet the famous Croatian illustrator/artist Chez186 (Instagram) and have an interesting talk about the Croatian Street Art scene. He advised me to go to Sisak and try to get in touch with the organizers of “Re:Think Sisak”,  an urban Street  Art event which was already held twice in Sisak. As Chez186 advised me, so I did:). Wrote a private message to Re:Think by their Facebookpage and I received a quick reply on my question if there exist a map of all the  street art locations in Sisak. They even provided me their  “Re:Think Sisak google map”! Happy as a kid, catched the train to Sisak and started to explore the city in search of murals! Isn’t it nice to see a town in this way? Going into urban places like residential blocks and industrial parks where you never should be if you go there as a ‘normal tourist’.

Re:Think Sisak on social media:  Instagram / Facebook . If you plan to visit Sisak( easy reachable by train from Zagreb), contact Re:Think Sisak by Facebook and they will send you the google map link on request.

Enough talk, time to show you the murals in Sisak:)!

Edition 2016

Edition 2017


Other murals found in the streets of Sisak

Big thanks to Re:Think Sisak for our co-operation and I am looking forward to the next edition. Re:Think Sisak? Is just a perfect daytrip from Zagreb!

19 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe: “Re:Think Sisak”

  1. I like Escape to Neverland best though Totem is nice and bright! That is so cool they gave you such a good map:)

  2. I enjoy your photos. Thanks for sharing,

  3. I like the Totem! So colourful and intricate! 😉

  4. Beautiful shots!!

  5. Awesome. My fav is the ant and the jar!

    1. Yep, the Ant is also one of my favorites. Some wonderful creations on the walls of Sisak.Have a nice day:)

  6. I like Dream best, I think – a lot of good things here! The washing hanging from the balcony is almost part of the art.

    1. Yup,totally agree Anabel! And thats just the nice thing: paintings/murals in a urban landscape like residential blocks. Thanks for passing by on my page,enjoy your day:)!

  7. These are amazing, and so vibrant!

    1. Yes, they really are. Lonac, OKO,Lunar, Abramovic,Chez186 are great croatian artists. Thanks for visiting my blog Miss Wayfarer:) x

  8. Really great album. I think by now, you must be the Wikipedia of street art

  9. Colorful and beautiful 🙂

  10. I saw a few good murals in the street this morning in mexico. No time to stop.
    I wonder whether Street Art is not becoming this century’s greatest form of art…
    Thanks for the post.

  11. Very original and vibrant…

  12. Oh, great! I never knew that about Sisak. Love so many of these, especially Off You Go and Silent Strength.

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