Urban Photoessay: #37 “Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb”

There was a time when I visited as many museums as possible, but nowadays, I love more the outdoors and urban street life. Butttttt, I never say no to modern/contemporary art museum. One of my ‘to do’ museums in Zagreb was the Museum of Contemporary Art, located in the so called ‘new town’. The museum is housed in a large concrete building (designed by architect Igor Franic) on the “Avenija Dubrovnik” and easily recognizable by the painted walls (murals created by the famous local street artist OKO).

Adress: Avenija Dubrovnik 17, 10000, Zagreb, Kroatië (website: click here )

Free admission on the first Wednesday of the month.

In the museum itself you can find  a variety of art installations, photographs and paintings mainly created by Croatian and former Yugoslavian artists.
When I entered the museum hall, I was ‘shocked’ by this really provoking picture. As you will notice by yourself if you visit this museum, the political theme will never be far away.
Other examples of artworks you can find in the museums


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  1. I wish I had had enough time to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art when I was in Zagreb—-at least I can enjoy your photos. It is relief to see a blogger who likes contemporary art. I have been working at contemporary art museum for 20 years and it seems that so many people insult the art without taking the time to understand it.

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    1. Yep, I noticed this too… when I read the reviews of museums on trip advisor etc. Often it’s not anymore about opinion, but really insulting the ‘contemporary art’. It’s just really fascinating the idea, story and the creations they expose. The museum in Zagreb is good, but you can not compare it with MoMa or Malba(Buenos Aires). To my opinion it’s a little. I enjoy more contemporary art installations then 3 hours walking in a topmuseum full with ‘old masters’. Have a nice sunday x

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