Urban Photoessay: #35 “Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor”

A picture taken in the “Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor” / “Zagreb Central Railway Station” .

Exif: ISO 100  28mm f6,3  1/125sec

Urban Photoessay: #35

Daily Prompt:2017 FavoritesBlack

10 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #35 “Zagreb Glavni Kolodvor”

  1. I miss travelling by train overseas…

  2. I love Zagreb. This station brings lots of memories to me. Great photo

    1. Zagreb is such a lovely nice place. U grew up in zagreb?

      1. No. but my parents got married in Zagreb and my older sister was born there, and I had been many times in the city that I love.

      2. Sounds great! Its a underrated city. You still live in croatia? I have only been in zagreb and Sisak

      3. I currently live in Spain

  3. Beautiful picture. I love the train stations of Europe. They’re so beautiful, so vibrant and so full of life.

    1. Thank you so much. I love transtations too… all sorts of people you meet there.

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