Street Art Around The Globe: Zagreb (Part 4)

Already the fourth episode of Zagreb’s Street Art scene:)! The second location that Maja from Zagrebee Tours advised me was to have a look at the University Student Centar on the Savska Cesta 25 (pretty close to Medika:) ). Just enter the gate and have a look. If you don’t see the painted walls, trespassing students will show you without doubt! Take your time to check this area, look behind every corner. When I admired the painted walls, saw an artist spraying his creative ideas on a wall.  Why not ? Got an interesting talk with Chez 138 (check his creations on Instagram and read this informative link ) about the street art scene in Zagreb and Croatia in general.

Chez 138 hided his face on purpose:).

The Location

Click to enlarge the pictures



    1. Its really fascinating the street art world… as chez138 told me: I am painting for over 20 years, and now with instagram, pinterest I am like a kid again searching and watching creations from others. In your place, have lot of street art too? Thanks for passing by.

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      1. Yep, he told me and but on the other side… there is a hype of street art/urban festivals nowadays and new sort of tourism. It’s always a struggle to find out who is the owner of the building, try to paint it. Slowly, but good progress to make it legal in Zagreb. Check… it’s already the fourth episode of Zagreb’s Street Art, and working on a fifth episode ;-).

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      2. Wow! I love it when buildings are painted with murals legally as it seems like they are so much more intricate as it doesn’t have to be done quickly at odd times. We have a couple of buildings like this, but not enough for five blog posts😂

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