Neighbors At The Artists

Last weekend, I’ve participated for the first time in a event called “Buren bij Kunstenaars” / “Neighbors At The Artists”. To resume: hobby artists open their doors for art minded people, family and friends to show their creations. Photography, pottery, jewelry, paintings, snapchat art,… everything you can imagine.

The idea to participate in this annual event came from my uncle who is a pottery artist and recently installed his own “atelier” with two turntables and an oven. Another cousin also exposed his creations on the second floor: paintings and his snapchat art creations. On his travel through Mexico, even Buzzed Mexico discovered him. (click here , here and here)

Feel free to follow Reinhard on Snapchat: “Reinhard19” .

And OstendNomad? I’ve exposed 13 pictures, shot on my travels. All 60/40 format, printed on Alu DiBond.

We had heavy weeks: decide what to show, how to show our works, preparing the house to receive many visitors. Over the two days, guess about 100/150 family members, sympathisants and art lovers came to village “Zande” to check out our works and enjoyed (and created) a cosy atmosphere. The location was the former town hall of this tiny village which my auntie and uncle recently have bought. With a personal touch: my aunt her mum and uncle are buried in the cemetery opposite the house. Her granddad used to be a teacher a long time ago in this village. Back to roots! When the town hall was shut down, it became a pub/restaurant etc,… but didn’t last for long.

It was our first participation, and we’ve got a blast. Thanks to all the people for the support and help last weekend. See you next year:)!


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  1. This Neighbors idea is great, looks like a blast!
    And it’s a good thing to do, because everyone’s got talented & interesting people almost next door, that we don’t know about, because we never happened to talk about their hobbies and art.

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  2. What great news – I’m very happy for you, congratulations! I also love taking special photos, when there are good conditions for these. Indeed, the atmosphere seems cosy and friendly and you were so lucky with the amazing weather. It’s great that you keep close and evolve along with your dreams. Use the good weather and continue with the positive photos! A bientot 🙂

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  3. This week I am participating in Vancouver’s version of Neighbours/Artists called the Eastside Culture Crawl. You’re right about the preparation – it was exhausting plus there were many big learning curves – the one I’m most proud of was learning to climb a ladder and drill holes in the 3 1/2 metre ceilings. Today’s the third day – I’m off in 15 minutes to man my section of our shared studio. I put up a post at .

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