Urban Photoessay: #32 “Caffe Bar Pop Art”

Somewhere hidden between the residential blocks in Zagreb, I’ve found a nice designed Caffe Bar with a touch of Mondriaan and Warhol:).Caffe Bar Pop ArtCaffe Bar Pop Art

19 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #32 “Caffe Bar Pop Art”

  1. Reminds a little of a Rubik Cube, but what a cool place.

    1. Yes definitely:)! Was a nice colorful sight in this grey residential area. Thanks for visiting my blog

    2. That would be a fun idea, but if you had to solve it, to enter, I’d never get a cup of coffee! 🙂

      1. Me, neither. I had one when they first came out and was never able to solve it. Yet, I’ve seen people on T.V solve them in seconds. There must a secret to it.

      2. Well, if you buy an inexpensive knockoff, as I did, turns out you can just rearrange the colored stickers. 🙂

  2. Perfect for the 100th anniversary of De Stijl art movement!

  3. Rubik’s Cube also came to my mind. I don’t think it would be very relaxing on the eyes to look at that with your coffee!

    1. Oh yes! so true! Shame,I didn’t check the interior:(. Glad you like this stuff Anabel:)

  4. Mondrian indeed! (Love Mondrian) I hadn’t noticed the first time I looked at the picture. Well done

  5. That looks so cool! Much better than the typical Starbucks decor!

    1. Oh yes! Really prefer this arty style too. Thanks for commenting

  6. Nice Piet Mondrian vibes!

  7. That’s a cool click. Even on a grey day, that cafe would bring a spring to the step.

  8. What a cute spot! Love Zagreb, I wish I can visit again!

  9. The ‘like’ button is gone! And I’d use it, this is great! Zagreb is so close to Ljubljana where I lived all my life until five years ago when I moved to Italy, and yet I have never done any photo exploring. Never too late…

    1. Thank you so much to inform me about the like button! Problem fixed:)! Please, rank Zagreb high on your bucket list…. before it’s too late and the mass tourism discover Croatia’s capital. Have a nice weekend Manja!

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