Desierto Florido

Last year went three times to Chile… Atacama Desert, Valparaiso, Santiago and the South. Chile is such a lovely country, so much nature. Pure nature. So nice to see that the owner of this blog, Marcella, experienced the “Flowering Desert”. Enjoy her awesome photogallery and be inspired:).


This week was a long 4 day weekend to celebrate Chilean Independence Day.  So, we made the most of the time off and went to somewhere very special.DSC_0136DSC_0111DSC_0115We travelled 740km from Santiago to the south of the driest desert in the world: Desierto Atacama.  If you imagine the world’s driest desert, it is usually sand, after sand, after sand.  Very little grows there asides from cactus.  DSC_0095DSC_0130However, something magical happens in this desert and we got to see it.  This phenomenon is called Desierto Florido (Flowering Desert).  Every few years, related to El Niño, after very high and unusual rainfall during winter, the desert blossoms!  As it doesn’t happen very often, we jumped at the chance to see it all.DSC_0110DSC_0126DSC_0135This year was the best in twenty years, meaning everyone in Chile is talking about it, so we knew we had to take the trip and it…

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      1. It was a great school, both staff and kids. The winter there is a little tough, tons of rain, but I went with other English tutors to Valparaíso, Santiago, Valdivia and some other places, but I need to go back, visit and see a lot more!

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