Desierto Florido

Last year went three times to Chile… Atacama Desert, Valparaiso, Santiago and the South. Chile is such a lovely country, so much nature. Pure nature. So nice to see that the owner of this blog, Marcella, experienced the “Flowering Desert”. Enjoy her awesome photogallery and be inspired:).

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27 thoughts on “Desierto Florido

  1. It is a beautiful country, and has wonderful people.

    1. Yes Robert, totally agree! So much nice memories. Ever been there?

      1. I taught English in Pucón for half a year. Great kids, great teachers, I will definitely get back there some time.

      2. Wow, sounds like a great experience!

      3. It was a great school, both staff and kids. The winter there is a little tough, tons of rain, but I went with other English tutors to Valparaíso, Santiago, Valdivia and some other places, but I need to go back, visit and see a lot more!

    1. It is:). Thanks for commenting:).

  2. Flowering cactus in the Atacama… I am sold 🙂

    1. It’s fantastic right:). glad you like them too:).

  3. Beautiful pictures!

    1. Glad you like them! The author Marcella, of this blogpost did a great job.

  4. Just beautiful! Thanks for passing this along. With most things orange, red and yellow these days, this just popped off the screen. Yes. the photographer did a great job

  5. The purple is so striking. Beautiful. 🙂

    1. Its wonderfull isnt it.

  6. wow thats such a lovely hue and colours !

    1. I am glad you love it too:).

  7. Thanks for sharing! Been to Chile 3 times and Atacama as well but never saw it blooming! How beautiful!

    1. Its just pure magic… and a bit luck to be there on the right time.

      1. Yep! It’s like being at Perito Moreno glacier when the ice bridge brakes every 2 or 3 years… last time I was there, it broke the day after our visit…
        Nature is unexpected! Sometimes!… 😉

      2. Unexpected, but oh so wonderful:).

  8. Love these images 🙂

  9. Wonderful photos!!!

  10. What a lovely post! I am a fan of Chilean people!

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