Street Art Around The Globe: Zagreb (Part 1)

Monday 9 October, my first footsteps in Zagreb. What to expect? Really don’t know. Mmm, to be honest, yes, hope to see some splendid Street Art creations:)! Here are the first uploads of the Zagreb’s Street Art scene. Enter the gate on Ulica Pavla Hatza 14 and from the entrance you can already see painted walls.

The location

Ulica Pavla Hatza 14

Click to enlarge the pictures

Instagram: Modul (Miroslav Petkovic, Zagreb)

On Petrinjska Ulica 42a you can find a massive huge mural painted by Miron Milic, a local illustrator.

Instagram: Miron Milic

“The City Waterfall” painted by Miron Milic, painted in 2013

I am trying to complete and improve the “Street Art Around The Globe” episodes much as possible. If you guys, have additional information or can add the painter to a mural, let me know in the comments section please:)! Love to hear your thoughts!



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