Urban Photoessay: #30 “Urban Sunsets in Zagreb”

I am here in Zagreb since Monday, and I have a blast. Just wandering around,always in search of Street Art:). No stress, only relax after the busy weeks that I have experienced. Isn’t it great to finish the day with a nice sunset?

Tuesday 10 October

Sunset reflection over the Sava River
Tree in fire:)?


Evening is falling
Evening Glow

Wednesday 11 October


Black/White, for a sunset? Not done?:) I really don’t know, but I had the feeling, and my obsession for the abstract lines, could be nice too?




  1. The B&W works great for that final shot. You do notice all the converging lines – – and also, the gray sky now seems lower, pressing down, and the graffiti appears a bit more ominous? Very nice sunset shots.

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    1. Thanks Robert. Last time, my eyes see only lines and curves hehe. In my opinion, a picture ‘must’ tell a story and make people curious…. Abstract lines, black/white and curiosity to the street art:). Enjoy your weekend Robert!

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  2. I’ve been on this street, I really enjoyed the murals along the walls. I personally like the pink & gold sunset, but the tracks come out beautifully in the black & white photo 🙂

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