Relationship of Graffiti and Politics

Interesting blogpost about the link between Graffiti and Politics in Venezuela, Syria, Egypt (and Old Pompei:) ).

Pave Way for the Spray

Throughout this blog, we have emphasised that graffiti is used for political expression. But we have never really discussed how and where this has been used. There is a lot of information and history that is behind the following graffiti and we have attempted to provide concise background. We implore you to read further and for any readers who reside within the mentioned countries, please let us know if there are any inaccuracies or offensive material that we may have missed.

But without further ado, graffiti and politics.

The Political Environment in Venezuela

The late Hugo Chavez was the former Venezuelan President and was held in high regard amongst the Venezuelan population due to his transformation of the country’s political and economic landscape by nationalizing industries and funnelling enormous amounts of government money into social programs. Chavez ruled Venezuela for 14 years before his death in 2012, leading to current…

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