Urban Photoessay: #26 “Let’s Play Chess”

WPC: Waiting

Daily Prompt: Recreate

Playing Chess in Santiago de Chile
Chess Game in Mexico City
Chess Game in Mexico City
Chess Game in Mexico City

14 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #26 “Let’s Play Chess”

  1. Steph, these are nice shots!
    In the last three shots, I’m looking at the player on the left, and wondering if he’s actually asleep, or has passed away, and how long it will take the others to realize, he’s not just contemplating his next move.

    1. Exactly Robert! It’s so fascinating… what is crossing their mind? The next move?

      1. Or in my case, the really big decisions, like what to have for lunch! 🙂

      2. Hehehe, also possible!

  2. An interesting match. I am wondering who would get there finally. Your bet?

  3. I really like the B&W shot of the game in Mexico.

  4. Chess is a fun game to photograph because people are very expressive during a game, either focusing, or disappointed or excited

  5. You really capture with your camera the focus and concentration of both the players and the observers. A very enjoyable photo essay. Thank you.

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