Las Dunas de Concon

Close to the  Chilean coastal town Renaca (Valparaiso/Vina Del Mar region), you can find the massive sand dunes of Concon. Climbing the top, is a bit tough but in return you can enjoy a fantastic view on the Pacific:).

22 thoughts on “Las Dunas de Concon

  1. When I was in this part of the world I found the aspect of the desert next to the ocean very unique. I really enjoyed these photos.

    1. Thanks you so much Anne.

  2. Stunning shots as always! The dunes rolling into the sea are unique…

      1. My pleasure!

    1. wow, thanks for the nice compliment:). It was a nice,joyful experience. Sit on the top of the dunes and starring to the ocean.

  3. This kind of a landscape is subtle in any corner of the world

  4. As with the comments above, the desert right next the ocean is something else.

    1. Thanks for commenting:), can you clarify ‘something else’?

      1. Incredible.

  5. Gorgeous! Especially the header with the dunes and the high rise buildings and the last with the colourful vegetation.

    1. It’s a huge contrast, concrete buildings and next the dunes and the vegetation. Where the nature meets the city:). Thanks for passing by Anabel:)!

    1. Thank you:). Have a nice day greetz stef

  6. Beautiful photos. I am curious what the temperature was?

    1. So far as I remember, about 20 degrees. Thanks for visiting my blog

  7. These photos are incredible …

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