Street Art Around The Globe: Marseille (Part 1)

In this first part,I will show you the murals I came across in “Le Cours Julien”. A MultiCulti area, full with ethnic restaurants, bookshops and painted walls.

But first, a few murals, found close to “Le Velodrome”, stadium of Olympique de Marseille.


Cours Julien



24 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe: Marseille (Part 1)

  1. How cool….I love the jungle one with the Rhino! 🙂

    1. Yup is one of the better murals I’ve seen in Marseille.

  2. Can I like this more than once?! These pieces are awesome!

    1. Hehe so sweet! All the credits to the artists😛. Thanls miss wayfarer

  3. Marseille certainly has strong street art scene. So many good pieces it is hard to pick just one.

    1. Thanks Ted:)! Daily, I watch your pictures and its ‘waaaaw’!

      1. Thanks so much. 😀

  4. What a fascinating lot of murals! You certainly had a lovely time clicking these 🙂

    1. Was fun, and I am getting more and more interested in StreetArt(its). Or fascinated:). Thanks for commenting Miss dippy -dotty:)

      1. My pleasure. Street art makes you think or simply pleases the eye. Your fascination with it does come through.

  5. Fantastic photos! I love street art, I’ve always found it fascinating 🙂

    1. Thanks:). It’s so interesting street art, so many styles.

    2. Do not forget to check out my other street art around the world episodes! You gonna see a lot of variations and styles

  6. That first mural – wow! It’s a pity there’s so much crappy stuff too!

  7. Wow! these murals are amazing!

    1. Yes! Was great to stroll around in the streets of marseille and search murals❤️

  8. Lucky! I envy you. They are very creative. I love the orange cats one. I didn’t even catch that they had ghosts in their eyes until I looked a second time.

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