Food Markets & Corner Stores: #5 “Marché de Noailles”

Marseille, my first impression was not ‘waaaaw’. Just a harbor city, like I saw many before. But of course,each city has is own character, history.  A place where I saw the city hustle and bustle was “Marché de Noailles” (Market Noailles), Rue du Marché des Capuchins. Definitely a nice area to stroll around!

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Daily Prompt: Flavorful

6 thoughts on “Food Markets & Corner Stores: #5 “Marché de Noailles”

  1. Very Juicy photos! 🙂

  2. Gorgeous watermelon.

  3. Good shots, Stef. I knew watermelon was African, and not from the Americas, but I didn’t realize it was popular in Europe. I love watermelon.

  4. I love markets! The veggies and fruit tend to looks so delicious 🙂

  5. So many cities, when we first see them, are not what we thought them to be. The ‘minds eye’ , and camera, are always better than the real world 😂😂

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