Urban Photoessay: #14 “Muggia”

Second day of my Italy/Slovenia trip, got the idea to explore the surroundings of Trieste. The staff in my hotel recommended me the coastal town Muggia. Tiny streets, a nice marina and beautiful weather. Just perfect for a stroll and being lazy:)! Enjoy your day my dear followers!

12 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #14 “Muggia”

  1. Beautiful stroll!

    1. Yes it was, cosy coastal town. Thanks Nel

  2. Beautiful! I love the sad street lamp 🙂

  3. Is Triest situated near to Slovenia?

  4. Thank you, beautiful post! )

  5. the cranes in the distant are intriguing

    1. Yes, the Maritime character of Trieste:). Have a nice weekend.

      1. likewise 🙂

  6. Beautiful pics !

    1. Thanks a lot:), enjoy your weekend.

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