My Hometown Oostende #9: “Nelson Mandela Bridge”

You can find the Nelson Mandela Bridge in the ‘Maria HendrikaPark’. This park, close to the city center,railway station and yachting harbor and was built in 1892 on request of our former King Leopold II, named to his wife: Maria Hendrika of Austria. Maria HendrikaPark includes 2 lakes, walking paths,a huge playground for kids, rowing boat facilities,two cafes . On the border of the park: a big randparking,and you can rent FREE bikes to discover the city and surroundings,and a skatepark in the former “Vélodrome”. The Nelson Mandela Bridge was built between 2003-2006 while the park underwent a restoration.

A HDR creation of the Nelson Mandela Bridge.

This post is also my response to the WPC:Experimental/Bridge

14 thoughts on “My Hometown Oostende #9: “Nelson Mandela Bridge”

  1. Cool shot! looks like the River Styx!

  2. I’d be screaming trying to cross a hanging bridge like that LOL.

    1. Well, if you wanna cross this brudge and you are scared… than we go together😊🎉. Thanks for visiting my blog Anna x

  3. I like your response to this challenge. Dark, misty, ethereal , lit but not light.

  4. Beautiful mood.

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