Path of Remembrance and Comradeship

Have you seen the most highlights of Ljubljana, and want to see more of this lovely city? Then I recommend this Path of Remembrance and Comradeship. You can hike, run or cycle this path. I flew (paragliding) already in Slovenia, hiked a lot but didn’t cycle yet:) so why not  rent a bike and cycle this path?

During the WW2, the province of Ljubljana was annexed by Italy. The Italian forces built a 30km barb wire fence to prevent the communication between cities underground activists and the Partisans who were located in the Slovenian countryside and was guarded by about 1700 soldiers.

Energy bars, water and a map: ready to go!

Nowadays is this memorial pathway a symbol of resistance against the occupiers. Along the way, you can see some monuments. This path brings us to the green belt around Ljubljana, and also  through the living areas, and crossing a part of the industry zone. It took me 7-8 hours to cycle this 33 km (yeah, I took my time:) ). The path is well marked with signs and statues(with painted barb wire). There is not an official startpoint so you can start this path wherever you want. I started my bike trip on Zale Cemetery. It’s recommended to have a look on this cemetery (statues and monuments).

WPC:2017 Favorites/Serene



  1. Wow! You’re my hero! Not only you did the entire loop – something I’ve never done – but you also found and translated and photographed so nicely all these monuments. And I swear – as soon as I opened this post, the light told me it’s of the city of my birth. Thank you!

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