An Evening Stroll in Trieste

Friday 9th of June, the day that I arrived in Trieste! So glad to be in Italy for the first time, and not only for eating a real Italian Pizza:). My first impression about Trieste? A lovely,harbor city. A city with style, maritime vibrations located between to the Slovenian border and  the more known city Venice. After my checking in, I was ready to have nice evening walk along the harbor and through the streets of Trieste. Have a nice Friday people:).


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  1. Definitely a beautiful stroll. Lovely city and Italian pizza is so delicious! Tried it for the first time in Florence. Have a good weekend! 🙂

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  2. Good shots! Makes me want to jump on a plane, looks like a great port city.
    I see your final two were B&W vs color, this time, I cannot decide which I like better.
    Recently there were articles about the debate in Rome & Berlin, over replacing gaslights, incandescents, or sodium lights with LED lighting – – which might remove that nice golden glow in the last shot. LEDs are better for the environment, but sometimes a harsh/lifeless light

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  3. I love Trieste! It’s one of the first cities I visited outside of my home country, so it will always have a special place to me, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who sees its charm and beauty ❤

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    1. Exactly miss Wayfarer! Venice sounds so cliché, Rome is the must visit… Have a blast around the Pisa tower(lol). I am sure that there are less known place, and at least even beautiful and more pure. And for sure, Trieste is in this category: charming, not that overcrowded. Thanks for commenting.


  4. ooh Thank you for posting. Venice is a wonderful place to be, (the sinking city???), who don’t want to be in Venice? haha. Enjoy your days in Italy, it is a great country with lots of history and vintage characters. waiting to read from you with pictures of your trip. Enjoy yourself!

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    1. Waarvoor dank viviane! Ik heb er lange tijd naar gezocht, en de hoofdfout zat bij zo een goedkoop statief… die amper het gewicht van de camera kon dragen(stabiliteit). En natuurlijk veel zelf op stap, settings proberen in alle rust en zelf evauleren. Jouw fotos zijn ook meer dan prima hoor! Groetjes stef


  5. Wow, Trieste was your first encounter with Italy? Mine too, but I’m Slovenian. 😀 We used to go there in times of Yugoslavia to buy things we were unable to buy at home, especially chewing gum, coffee and jeans. 🙂 Who would have thought that one day I’d be living in Tuscany of all places… I hope you continued south. Italy is long and varied. And I haven’t even been south of Rome yet, or to any of the islands (except Giglio).

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    1. Hi Manja, yup my first encounter with Italy and definitly a good one😛. Not that cliché as Rome or Venice… but a place where u can still breath and not feel that you are in touristic overcrowded and overpriced hotspot.

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