Urbex: Bagno Della Polizia

This pool, known as Bagno Della Polizia was built in the 1970s and is abandoned for over 20 years. This area include an olympic pool a smaller pool for the kids and dressing rooms.

Bagno Della Polizia
Abandoned Swimming Pool
Bagno Della Polizia
Abandoned Swimming Pool Complex

Close to this pool you can find an Abandoned House: Click Here

Daily Prompt: Forlorn


18 thoughts on “Urbex: Bagno Della Polizia

  1. There is always a fascination for me with things , structures that have been abandoned and forgotten.

  2. it looks so mysterious..

      1. it really need guts to visit abandoned places 🙂

      2. Hehe, yeah. The kick when u get inside a building… amazing😛

      3. 🙂

  3. 😮 Is this in Muggia? Almost on the border with Slovenia? (I guess from your tag.)

    1. Hello Manja, Yep is between Muggia and The Slovenian Border.

      1. Thank you. I might look around when I’m back there in a month…

      2. By email I can give you some more details (I respect the Urbex code: not sharing the exact location on social media etc. Urban decay is fantastic for photography, but unfortunately there are people who take this information to vandalise and trash this lost places).

      3. Right! I agree. Don’t tell me anything. 🙂 I’ll search for it.

      4. I can share a more exact location my mail, from the way its almost not possible to recognize it:).

    1. I am glad you made it! How did it feel to do Urban Exploration? Exciting isn’t it:)

  4. Sad to see history falls down like that. In many countries around the world, venues for olympics have been dumped and abandoned. We must blame the government for this type of dilapidated act. Where are all the money that the Olympic brought to the country? What did the government do with them? Another thing, they wait for a billionnaire to come forward and spend money to invest on them and they again will snatch some millions that us little people who contribute to the society will never see. All these sad dirty acts are politicians and money, nothing more and nothing less!

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