The Kobarid Historical Trail

After a few days discovering Trieste (Italy), time to set sails to the Slovenian town Kobarid, a town in the north of the Goriska Region. From Trieste I took the bus to Ljubljana (about two hours ride, bus company CRNJA tours), and from Ljubljana the AVRIGO bus to Kobarid. This bus takes you a few hours, but you pass so many little nice towns and fantastic sceneries. A nice impression of Slovenia’s beauty!  So good to be back in Europe’s “Green Lung”. When arrived in Kobarid, hotel check in and search some info in the touristic information centre. About 16.00, what to do? The girl in charge recommended me “The Kobarid Historical Trail” what takes you through some historical points of interests, statues,and amazing landscapes. After all, a great begin of my Kobarid episode! OstendNomad couldn’t resist to take  pictures of his hike. It took me about 3,5 hours, not recommendable with kids(rocky paths etc).

The first point of the trail is the “Kobarid Museum”, a museum about the WW1 on the Isonzo (Soca) Front, with the focus on the “Battle of Kobarid”. This museum, I didn’t visit because I will keep this for when it’s raining. Open every day of the year!

The second stage of this trail is the  impressive Italian Charnel House built on Gradic Hill. On the top of this hill: the church of St. Anton. (Click to enlarge the pics).

Third stage: Tonocov Grad, settled in different periods from the Copper Age till the Middle Ages

Fourth part leads us to the Italian Line of Defence. During the WW1 the Italians built three defense lines in this region. In the part still see trenches forts and concrete buildings (don’t expect a real bunker tour).


Number 5, Soca! The Soca River with its 52m long footbridge. During the WW1 the both Soca riverbanks were connected by a wooden footbridge.


One of the highlights for me, was number 6, the 15m Kozjak Waterfalls. Bit scary to reach(last 100m) the falls but it’s worth:).

Number 7 leads us again through the Italian Line of Defence. Fortresses, Observations posts etc. Again you can feel and see the typical Slovenia’s landscapes: green fields(with or without beekeeping), mountains on the background. Here and

Almost at the end of this trail(number eight), we have the Napoleon bridge, constructed in 1750. Napoleon’s troops marched across it so that’s why it received this Napoleon Bridge’ name. On 24may 1915, first day after the WW1 declaration the Austrian soldiers blew up this bridge. Later, the Italians built a wooden bridge and later replaced with a iron bridge. In the WW2, the Partisans defended the liberated territory of the Kobarid Republic(yes, you read it good:) ). Two sculptures can be found near the bridge in memory of 2 fallen heroes.

The last part of the trail is the Cheese museum, but OstendNomad became tired and continued to his hotel:).


Next? Now I’am waiting for a phonecall,to announce  when they gonna pick me up for a paragliding adventure:)!



11 thoughts on “The Kobarid Historical Trail

  1. Wow! This looks like an album from 3.5 days, not 3.5 hours!! Spectacular region, and I’m interested to see the old fortifications, too – – one of my g-grandfathers was in the artillery on that front (but on the Austro-Hungarian side).

    1. Hehe, it’s really a spectaculair and stunning region here. So, why not going to Slovenia on a next trip Robert?

      1. OK Steph you talked me into it! 🙂

  2. What a fantastic trail this must have been! The photographs tell the tale loud and clear.

  3. Ohh, so good to see you in Slovenia, my country of origin. You already saw something I haven’t yet, namely this trail. Great to see Soča again! <3 It seems you were quite active. The waterfall is gorgeous too. Well done!

    1. The Soca… no words to describe the beauty! I was active yet, but now… low on energy(hiked from Kobarid to Javorca, the mountain way, not the usual hike from tolmin->Javorca church). Your country of origine, gave me so much happiness. I really hope that Slovenia can stay so pure in the future.

      1. Ohh, I have Javorca church on my list! Is this the blue painted chapel, right? Did you take photos? I wish to see it so much! And ‘pure’ is a lovely word for Slovenia. Purely pure. 🙂 Thank you!

      2. Yep is this church. Later today, I am gonna create a new blogpost about that hike(7,5 hours… and hitchhiked back to kobarid:) ).

  4. This is such a beautiful land. I can’t wait to start exploring Europe in the future. I’d better start improving my hiking skills!

  5. I love this part of Slovenia very much. You took some shots very similar to ones I took a couple of summers ago. Great to see the same places again through your eyese.

    1. This area is really heaven… breathing…. nature. Just fantastic. Glad you had a blast too

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