Urban Photoessay: #12 “Kruzenshtern Cadets”

Last weekend was  held ‘Oostende voor Anker/Ostend at Anchor in my hometown Oostende, an annual maritime heritage event with many vessels and ships watched by many visitors(250.000 in 4 days).

Of course, Ostendnomad went with his camera to the harbor area to see,feel and capture the atmosphere:). One of the eye-catchers this year was the four-masted barque world famous “Kruzenshtern” and belongs to the Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet (Kaliningrad).

A few shots of the Kruzenshtern cadets in Uniform.20170528-20170528-DSC0570620170528-20170528-DSC0571520170528-20170528-DSC0572620170528-20170528-DSC05729



  1. Good shots, I like the cadets in the rigging in particular, it would make a nice movie poster. The Germans know how to build ships, I looked it up and this is 91 years old! And started out life sailing to Chile – I know you’ve been to Valparaiso, and can visualize this sailing into the harbor

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