Urban Photoessay: #12 “Kruzenshtern Cadets”

Last weekend was  held ‘Oostende voor Anker/Ostend at Anchor in my hometown Oostende, an annual maritime heritage event with many vessels and ships watched by many visitors(250.000 in 4 days).

Of course, Ostendnomad went with his camera to the harbor area to see,feel and capture the atmosphere:). One of the eye-catchers this year was the four-masted barque world famous “Kruzenshtern” and belongs to the Baltic State Academy of the Fishing Fleet (Kaliningrad).

A few shots of the Kruzenshtern cadets in Uniform.20170528-20170528-DSC0570620170528-20170528-DSC0571520170528-20170528-DSC0572620170528-20170528-DSC05729

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11 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #12 “Kruzenshtern Cadets”

  1. Good shots, I like the cadets in the rigging in particular, it would make a nice movie poster. The Germans know how to build ships, I looked it up and this is 91 years old! And started out life sailing to Chile – I know you’ve been to Valparaiso, and can visualize this sailing into the harbor

  2. Love these and the black and white!

  3. Look like from another era. The first picture reminds me of a movie shot.

  4. Interesting B&W essay 🙂

  5. Black and white. Nice pics.

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