My Hometown Oostende #7

Springtime is here already, summer is coming! Finally! The last week, I went through my hometown(Oostende, Belgium) with my camera and snapped  a few houses covered with ivy and greenery. Have a nice weekend people!


18 thoughts on “My Hometown Oostende #7

  1. Very nice!! What kind of car was that in the one picture that says Picasso? I’ve never seen that before.

  2. As a child I thought ivy was some monster climbing up house. 🙂 now as a adult I think it is kind of beautiful.

    Very nice photos

  3. So beautiful!!!! Like a fairytale

  4. Love the purple/yellow combo!

    1. Also my favo:). Thanks for visiting my page and leave a comment:).

  5. What a beautiful hometown!

    1. It is:). My city is named as “Queen of the coastal towns” in my country:). Even how I like to travel much as possible…. Coming home, is even nice as a stunning landscape or

      1. I agree. Whenever I go back to my hometown, I get this feeling of inspiration and the power to dream. When I stay in the city, I get all depressed and sad.

  6. Love ivy!! Beautiful Stef xx

    1. Thanks miss mac mich😘

  7. Wow! Photo number 3 is a serious ivy covering. I think someone must have to climb up on a ladder and trim it round the windows or the house would be in darkness!

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