Doors, Stairs, Roofs and Windows #5

In this new blogpost: doors, stairs and windows captured in Mexico City DF and Mérida.

Mexico City DF
Mexico City DF
Mexico City DF
Stairwell at Palacio Municipal in Mérida
Stairwell at Palacio Municipal in Mérida
Mexico City DF
Mexico City DF
Mexico City DF
Mexico City DF

Mexico City DFMexico City DFMexico City DF

Mexico City DF
Mexico City DF


26 thoughts on “Doors, Stairs, Roofs and Windows #5

  1. Wonderful photos! All those colours are amazing 🙂

  2. I like your Blog! Add mine too! Kisses!

  3. The door with the Coca Cola logo next to it is gorgeous!

    1. hehe, exactly! it has something special yes:). Thanks for commenting

      1. You are quite so welcome 🙂 I recognise a door enthusiast when I see one.

      2. hehe,sweet:)

  4. Doorways are so symbolic, love the tones and detail.

  5. such wonderful gateways.

  6. Oh, yes yes yes yes YES. If I was there, I’d be viewing it all a bit like this. 🙂

    1. hehehe,I am sure of that:).

  7. nice collection of photos!

  8. Lovely captures. My passion is for windows when travelling. There are a lot of them!

    1. Totally agree😀. It’s interesting and always nice to see different styles of archicteture.

  9. I did the same thing from a trip to Morocco – posted photos of windows and doors. There is just something so interesting about these portals. Maybe it’s the sense of voyeurism or the secrets inside and the possibilities outside. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  10. Lovely set of doors captured in Mexico City. I wonder what are behind those doors…I’m guessing some are abandoned buildings, some hotels and some cozy homes 🙂 Great perspective.

  11. Great photos perfect for this week!

  12. Nice structures! Good choice for the challenge.

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