In Bruges

Hello all! My apologizes, for these less than new (old 🙂 ) photographs on my blog the last few times :(. I’ve been preparing for a trip and working, which requires a lot of time. Now, I am in the Madrid Airport waiting for my connecting flight to Mexico City. So, why not upload and share something? The uploaded picture today is taken in charming Bruges (Belgium), nowadays a real hotspot for tourists and backpackers.

20160209-20160209-In Bruges

22 thoughts on “In Bruges

  1. Lovely photo! Enjoy your time in Mexico City =)

  2. Beautiful and one of my favorites!!

  3. Excellent image! Bring some “keepers” from Mexico home. Have a safe trip and enjoy your stay.

  4. Very nice town! it was the first I visited together with my boyfriend, when he still lived in Lille and it seemed like a small Venezia of the north. Bon voyage in Mexico!

  5. Bruges is lovely – great photo!

    1. Totally agree,is a lovely city!

  6. Great shot in a great city!
    Congratulations 🙂

    1. hehe, true, its a photogenic city! thanks:)

  7. Old or new – they are magnificent.

  8. Bruges is always breathtaking *____*

    1. Thank you, sharing is caring:).

  9. It’s a lovely shot 🙂 🙂 Have fun in Mexico.

    1. Thank you. Bruges is so idyllic. Mexico was awesome holiday for me. Have a joyfull weekend and thanks for visiting my blog

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