Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4

Stairs captured in New York CityDoors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4

Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4
Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4
Little Italy
Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4
Little Italy

Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4

WPC: Structure

23 thoughts on “Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #4

  1. These are great shots.
    I used to think of fire escapes only as eyesores, defacing the buildings they were screwed into, but now, I think they have interesting forms and an architectural interest in themselves. I like the brownstones, too, good job!

  2. I like the Little Italy photo in particular – striking colors!

  3. Awesome! Loved these!

      1. Your welcome. I really really enjoyed these.

  4. Nicely captured! 😉 xoxoM

    1. Thanks for your comment Margarita

  5. Oh you take the best pics!! They make me want to visit!! 💖💖

    1. Thanks Jenn for your lovely comment😘😘

      1. I’ve been busy but once I saw these ☺ I was like …yes .. Vacation 🤗 and I mean every kind word I never tell you. You are very talented ☺ in fact … I just bought my first Nikon.. Learning for a hobby 🤗

  6. Captivating photos. Who would have thought fire escape stairs could be so interesting (I’m especially drawn to the 2nd to last photo).

  7. Oh the lines in these are just wonderful! I especially love the black and white (of course) but also the Little Italy colors! 😀

  8. So much makes me want to go back. Great vegan food there 🙂

  9. Excellent photography!

  10. Shibin Dinesh 31 August 2017 — 08:39

    Beautiful structures indeed! Good selection!

  11. Loved all those fire escapes . They are a structural addition to buildings that we don’t have in Australia.

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