Weekly Photo Challenge: “My Green Prague”

The last 16 years, I’ve traveled to the Czech Republic for so many times (lost counting 38 times, maybe 39?) since my internship in the East Bohemian city Pardubice. Pardubice is hometown to ‘The Dominator,’ the legendary ice hockey goalkeeper, Dominik Hasek. When you start attending the HC Pardubice games, the locals fall in love with you quickly (and you’ll fall in love with them). Pardubice is breathing hockey and it became an addiction. After my graduation I found a job, and when I got days off, my first plane, train or bus destination was Pardubice. Great times and I still have many friends over there, pure nostalgia. But, there is one thing that I regret– Why didn’t I discover more of this fabulous country? Six years ago I changed this and started to explore more, much more. 

Wenclesas Square, Jewish Cemetery, Charles Bridge, Mala Strana, Astronomical Clock, Petrin Hill– sorry guys, been there done that. Next to Pardubice, I felt in love with Prague. A moment that I still remember was an urban exploration trip through the outskirts of Prague (Click here).  Away from all the city hustle and bustle and on my way to that urban exploring location, I got the chance to discover another Prague, the green belt around Prague. And to be honest, maybe it’s not high ranked on Trip Advisor, but for me personally it was a more exciting experience then seeing an astronomical clock. Pictures were shot springtime of 2015.

My Green PragueMy Green PragueMy Green Prague

My Green Prague
Panoramic landscape

My Green PragueMy Green PragueMy Green PragueMy Green Prague

This is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge:” It IS Easy Being Green! “

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: “My Green Prague”

  1. reactionarytales 23 March 2017 — 15:16

    Beautiful pictures. Looks especially appealing when I look out my window and see grey and gloomy winter.

  2. Nice article and I just love the pictures.. so refreshing. 🙂

  3. Wow, thank you. I’m the original armchair traveller and I LOVED going on this journey with you.

  4. All lovely photos! Such a beautiful place.

  5. Great article! 🙂

  6. claude bogaert 23 March 2017 — 21:58


  7. Wow! It looks like an amazing place. It has definitely been entered into my bucket-list of “Places I want to visit before I die”. 😀

    1. definitie you have to add this to your bucket list! I recommend also Kutna Hora, google images will tell you why:).

  8. the lush green with plenty of sunshine, the smell of moist grass but not as wet as in UK…yes, the Czechs get the outdoor living perfectly right. I miss it too and it is hard to look at your photos today in UK only 6 degrees, wind and still only bare trees!

    1. Only 6 degrees? Lets escape too some sunny destination with palmtrees😛

  9. I’ve lived in Prague for almost two years and, yes, there’s so much to see away from the touristy area. I love the green areas. Looks like you discovered Divoka Sarka, which is my favorite place in the city.

  10. Beautiful Greens you got there!! Loved the story ☺️

  11. How I love that nation. I’ve done mission work in Vysoke Myto several times.

    1. totally agree, czech republic is just amazing!

  12. Wow..
    I didn’t know that Czech Republic has got so much of greenery ☺
    Thanks for sharing these refreshing photos

    1. Czech republic has a lot of greenery

  13. This is so beautiful! And you’re right… definitely not a high ranker on TA but so worth it. Loved seeing it through your eyes 🙂

  14. So beautiful! I am planning to visit Prague and I’m glad you are showing what is worth to visit. 🙂

  15. I have never been to Prague, is on my travel list, will do so soon. Beautiful pictures, the sceneries are absolutely beautiful. Thank you for posting!

    1. Prague is beautiful: nature, architecture, history… . Also many daytrips from prague you can do: kutna hora, Terezin etc…

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