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Hamburg, a bit ‘underrated city’? Recently low-cost carrier Ryan air presented a new destination, Hamburg, and I am sure, Hamburg is going to be more and more popular by the city-trip tourists.  Hamburg has a lot to offer and one of the things I liked a lot in Hamburg, yes, murals, murals…and murals! Want to make your own Street Art tour? Want to go without a guide to just discover by your self? Go into every street, left right and go into the gates, to places where most people don’t expect to find a mural? You’re going to find one!

Where did I start my own personal tour? S-Bahn to Sternschanze, going to the left and make sure you go under the bridge and explore around Susannenstrasse, Rosenhofstrasse, go into Flora park. Take your time, it’s really worth it! From this area, I went to the cozy Karolinenviertel (everywhere are signs with direction Karolinenviertel). Shops, boutiques, antique and yes again: murals! And from Karolinenviertel to another famous district: St.Pauli (pass the soccer stadium, inside some murals too). Caught a lot of murals, saw great architecture: windows, doors, balconies in the Karolinenviertel and ended up in the legendary Reeperbahn red light district (St.Pauli). It was an awesome day! Hamburg, cheap fares, maybe this year I will spend another weekend there. Are there some other (less known) places in Hamburg to discover when it comes to Murals and Street Art?

14 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe: Hamburg

  1. It’s amazing to me the creativity that goes into street art like this, and yet, the world over, there is a similar style to it all. I’ve seen it in places like San Francisco (where it took over street after street of back alleyways) and in Santiago Chili, where there were tons of eyeballs featured (left over from the terror of the Pinochet times), and yet it was still so similar… and so fascinating.

  2. I’ve been to Hamburg, but didn’t check out their street art. Thanks for this post…I’ll have to go back and check it out!

    1. Definitly is a revisit worth:).

  3. Just Wow! Amazing the talent! Love these Stef 😊

    1. Thanks Mich, its awesome to see all the difference styles, creations. I can watch it for hours and hours. What about street art in Myrtle Beach?

      1. There isn’t any unfortunately! 😞

      2. And I’d like to see some in person someday! I love art SO much!

  4. Excellent, you really did an impressive survey!

    1. Thanks Robert! glad you liked them!

  5. Wonderful! Love these photos and the street art.

  6. What a wild and crazy (and talented) collection.

  7. Wow!! Great shots, if possible post a few of your favorites.

  8. I have shared the link of this post in my Facebook page:

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