My Hometown Oostende #5 Lines & Curves

Went with my camera through my hometown Oostende(Belgium) already many times…after a while we don’t see anymore the real beauty of our hometown…the things what keep the attention of tourists. Had the idea…why not go outside with my camera, and just one theme. Just see the lines:  vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curves.

Pictures were shot with my  Sony α58 camera, Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM Sony wide angle lens. Although it was close to freezing temperatures, was good to be outside again(almost two weeks due heavy backpain:( ). Have a good day!

WPC: Structure

A tribute designed on the Winston Churchill Docks to Jacques Brel, famous Belgian musician.
“Le Plat Pays” Black/White/Blue
Newly designed Fishmarket
Newly Designed Fishmarket. HDR creation,7 exposures
Desolate Bench
Desolate Bench in Black & White
Black & White Desolate Winter View
View on the Casino and Artwork “Dancing Waves”


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