Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #3

typical tiled facade in Coimbra(Portugal)

Facade in BarcelonaFacade in BarcelonaWindows & Balconies in Barcelona

It's all about Gaudi
A typical Gaudi designed building in Barcelona

WPC: Windows

12 thoughts on “Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #3

  1. The balconies were one of my favorite things about Barcelona!

    1. Yup, the balconies are truly amazing! Big shame, I didnt shot more miss wayfarer😊. A reason to return🤗

  2. wonderful photo gallery

  3. These are amazing, WOW! A few of the buildings look like they have wallpaper, amazing!!

  4. Such beauty…although the climate must help!

  5. So beautiful…Barcelona is splendid and so are these photographs!

  6. Your fascination with doors and windows is reflected in your outstanding photography of this theme. Well done!

    1. Casa Batllo is my favourite place in the whole Barcelona. There is something magical about it, about the energy of this building. Plus, Antoni Gaudi was a very special human being and a little part of his heart has remained in the corners of this house. Not even the best photos could reveal its poetry and magnificence. I recommend it to all lovers of art, architecture, design, colour trends or to simple dreamers of a better world, like me. Congrats for these amazing photos to the author!

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