Street Art Around The Globe: Buenos Aires

Mural in Retiro DistrictMural in Retiro DistrictMural by PrismaMural in Núñez districtPolitical inspired mural in Núñez districtMural in San Telmo DistrictNo Scheduls For MeLet's Go For a Tango?Mural In San Telmo DistrictMural In San Telmo DistrictRemembrance to Ana AleRemembrance To Ana AleGarfieldThe Simpsons MuralThe Simpsons Mural20131208-20131208-dsc02658Mural in San Telmo District

5 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe: Buenos Aires

  1. A delightful post. Although I don’t understand the language the meaning’s come through loud and clear with a wide range of emotion. Some time a picture is worth a thousand words. Well done.

  2. These are beautiful!! 😀

  3. wonderful street art

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