Urban Photoessay: #1 “The Dogsitter”

When we travel, explore  & discover new places… it’s not always about a huge palace, famous squares or mind-blowing landscapes. Before some years, traveling was a rush for me… from this museum to that monument… been there, done that. Take the time to soak up in the local street life and see how the locals interact with each other… is even wonderfull as a colorful sunset.

Well, I thought… why not to share them with my increasing, loyal followers?

Picture is taken in Buenos Aires, september 2015. Color or Black & White?

20131202-20131202-dsc02330The Dogsitter, Black & White

9 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #1 “The Dogsitter”

  1. I like this! My choice for this one is color.

  2. When people are concerned, I usually like color pictures better. Although the black and white version also gives it another touch. Hard to choose, really…

  3. wow! love the contrast! the b/w looks almost like charcoal 🙂

  4. Color! I like the way the dog with the pink blanket is looking at the dogsitter.

    1. Thanks,glad you like them:)!

  5. The B/W looks like a drawing! Super! love that little doggie on the right trying to disappear through the fence!

    1. Thanks Denzil, great you liked them! Encouraged me to upload more streetlife shots!

  6. I love it. It is so human.

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