Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #2

Last day of the week, new entry for my Door,Stairs,Roofs and Windows series. In this selection you can find doors and windows shot in the streets of Lisbon(Portugal), and stairs in the Valparaiso(Chile).Doors & Windows in The Streets of LisbonWeird Window/Door CreationDoors & Windows in The Streets of LisbonDoors & Windows in The Streets of LisbonStairs in Valparaiso(Chili)Piano Stairs in Valparaiso



  1. Lovely light in these pictures. A reminder of summer 😀. I love the stairs with the beautifully patterned risers. It is interesting to see images from places so different to my own surroundings ant not really so far away. We are going to Holland in a few weeks and are really looking forward to the change of scenery!

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    1. Yup, it’s interesting… very close, big difference in style. And that’s just awesome. How more we travel,explore and discover… how more we see difference and get interest in styles and Architecture. Enjoy Your Holland Trip…. which cities you gonna discover?

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      1. Just Dortrecht to see friends and Amsterdam and Rotterdam – it’s a very short trip sadly but still will be great seeing such different surroundings for a few days and enjoying the ambience. U.K. Is great but not the same ambience as much of Europe!

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