Less Selfy, More Life!

It’s Monday , let’s start with a slogan:)!

Street Art, Graffiti and Murals… one of my favo topics and I love to share  the stuff I’ve found already through my explorations. Set up already the “Street Art Around The Globe” series, but this murals deserves a separate blogpost:)! Often, Street Art can be medium for a (political) protest and a way to express their feelings about  social changes in our society.

Some changes has to be, but we can begin by ourselves too. And this slogan is a nice, funny one and can be a new years resolution:)! I am wondering how many selfies already appeared on Instagram & Facebook accounts with this slogan on the background :)! This slogan, you can find it in the streets of Lisbon, Portugal.

Less Selfy, More Life

Which creation do you prefer guys? Black & White? Color?

More Lisbon Street Art? Check out here.





  1. Color, brings attention to “less selfie” part, some people can no longer separate life from selfie, it is as if: if they don’t post proof they live – that they don’t live or it’s not real or “official”. Great post.

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