Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows #1

Strolling through my pictures learned me that I have shot already many buildings with their different styles, design and architecture. From Colonialism to Post-Modernism, from Art-Nouveau to Baroque… . Maybe a good moment to start a new series about buildings and architecture: Doors,Stairs, Roofs and Windows that I’ve seen on my travels.

Windows & Reflections
Windows and Reflection, picture shot somewhere in the San Telmo(Buenos Aires, Arg.)
Black & White Windows
Feria Chileno Del Libro Building.
Windows design
Hotel Cumbres in Barrio Lastarria.
Stairs & Windows
Stairways banisters @ Cerro Santa Lucia(Santiago de Chile), on the background: the modern Fonasa Building, Banco Santander etc,..





    1. Well, have to say… mine too:)! Love landscapes, sunsets etc… but this reflection, this old and new… one of my favo argentina pictures. Glad you liked this pic too:)! Have a good weekend Paula!


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