Nightphotography: Hamburg

As I yesterday wrote (Stairwell @ U-Bahn Uberseeqaurtier), made an eveningwalk through  windy and cold Hamburg (Harbourdistrict)… Only a few shots, below the result.



  1. I have been at the Reperbahn in the sixties. It is still a number 1 attraction of the city of Hamburg. Will you be publishing a post on that famous (infamous) street? Just wondering .. Great night shots!

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    1. Well, walked through the reeperbahn ans st pauli district…. and its pure cult st pauli. Reeperbahn, famous… and when u are there: ok thats it, was there in daytime… but I am sure, when u go out in st pauli, around the reeperbahn u gonna have a great time. I have pictures, and ideas in my mind to publish sth about sankt pauli(and their soccerteam). Thanks for visiting my page Peter, loyal follower!👌

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