A Hidden Gem: Aveiro!

December 2014, a week Portugal… Lisbon, Coimbra and… Aveiro! Why Aveiro? Pictures underneath will tell you why:). Aveiro is a coastal town,located between Coimbra and Porto. Not the most known town, but definitely worth a visit. Excellent day trip(hour busride from Coimbra )!

Take a boat trip on the canals criss cross the city,stroll in this charming city. Tip: Igreja de Vera Cruz: impressive!(just outside city centre)!

Enjoy my visual impressions of Aveiro!



    1. Totally agree! So much too see in Portugal… so relax, great people, great culture… . Whats your favo place in Portugal? Mine is coimbra and… yes Aveiro😛. Lisbon ok but coimbra and aveiro made me a better impression.

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      1. I loved Faro and Aveiro most, Lisboa is great too, and all my friends live there. Porto didn’t impress somehow 😯 I have never been to Coimbra but hopefully in May 😍 how did you stay in Portugal?


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