A Hidden Gem: Aveiro!

December 2014, a week Portugal… Lisbon, Coimbra and… Aveiro! Why Aveiro? Pictures underneath will tell you why:). Aveiro is a coastal town,located between Coimbra and Porto. Not the most known town, but definitely worth a visit. Excellent day trip(hour busride from Coimbra )!

Take a boat trip on the canals criss cross the city,stroll in this charming city. Tip: Igreja de Vera Cruz: impressive!(just outside city centre)!

Enjoy my visual impressions of Aveiro!

16 thoughts on “A Hidden Gem: Aveiro!

  1. These are amazing! Vibrant colors and reflections, wow!! I’d love to see in person 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks for ur wonderfull words Fallen Saint;-). Charming Aveiro, I am sure it will inspire you:)!

      1. It surely will 😉

  2. Beautiful virtual tour – Portugal is lovely country! Bye. Kamila

    1. Thanks Kamila! Portugal is awesome… hope to return in 2017! Happy NewYear!

  3. Your main photo is amazing, really stunning composition.

  4. This was truly a visual feast of a little known town of Portugal. I will definitely recommend a visit to Aveiro to my friends planning a trip to Portugal next summer. Happy New Year!

  5. Great Portugal, happy new year for you 🙂

  6. Oh my gosh, I have to go there and I never heard of Aveiro before your post. Thank you for giving me yet more to look foreward to!

    1. Definitly! But don’t forget Coimbra… Portugal is more then porto and Lisbon. Blogpost about Coimbra is in progress😉

  7. I love this city! My first visit to Portugal was at the end of November 2014. After that I was in Portugal 2 more times. So much to discover still ☺

    1. Totally agree! So much too see in Portugal… so relax, great people, great culture… . Whats your favo place in Portugal? Mine is coimbra and… yes Aveiro😛. Lisbon ok but coimbra and aveiro made me a better impression.

      1. I loved Faro and Aveiro most, Lisboa is great too, and all my friends live there. Porto didn’t impress somehow 😯 I have never been to Coimbra but hopefully in May 😍 how did you stay in Portugal?

  8. Awesome photos!!! Enjoyng a lot scrolling thru your blog! Mesmerising exotic pix!! You’ve got a great pair of eyes! Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog nd appreciating it! Best wishes! 🙂

  9. Excellent stuff! Will keep it in mind!

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