Streets Of Trinidad

Hi all! Just came back from a nice  relaxing holiday in Chile…  5 months without holidays was killing me, really. Not too much sightseeing this trip, not too much excursions… carpe diem… . Read books… thinking how too improve my travelblog, what to do with all my pictures I’ve shot on former holidays? How will 2017 be? Short getaways or 2 backpacking trips?Discover & explorer Asia? Or still return to Latin America? Many Questions, but I’ll try to keep a promise to you, my loyal followers… : more articles and photo essays! After 9 months blogging, increase content!

More “Street Art Around The Globe” to come, more “Weekly Photo Challenge” contributions… and a new serie: “Streets Of …” . And this ” Streets Of …” , is gonna be gallery about the Cuban city Trinidad. Trinidad was a part of a popular  2 day excursion Topes de Collantes with (very) short visits to Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Santa Clara included.

Trinidad, located on the southcoast in the province Sancti Spiritus, is a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site, cobblestone streets, colored houses and a heaven for photographers who like street photography.

A visual report of Trinidad





8 thoughts on “Streets Of Trinidad

  1. I love your photos of Trinidad, especially that they come from a tropical place with lots of warmth we don’t get here in our northern climes. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Love the pics, at first I thought this was Cuba but Chile?? Wow! I am glad you are taking a truly holiday to be reflective of both your past and future! Sometimes we need a break. Cheers!

    1. Exactly Eric… taking a break… holiday means not always a backpacking rush from this place to that sight hehe.Pictures are indeed from Cuba… More to come ;-)!

  3. Back from Cuba 2 weeks ago, we also completely fell for the colors of Trinidad! Posts will come about our time in this lovely country but for now I totally enjoy your street photo essay! You gorgeously captured the essence of the town!

  4. Love, love these photos! The colours are so vibrant and rich…and your shots really capture the beauty of this city. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Wow, very striking photos! They’re like pop art. I also like your ‘painting’ effect filter. You should sell these as prints or postcards! Cheerios

  6. Oh, those colours! Why are most people so timid about a splash of life on their dwellings?

  7. Unique place !
    Thank you for your info !

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