Around The Llanquihue Lake

After a week in Santiago, just being lazy and relax… getting lost with my  camera in the streets… Time to discover some other place in Chile! I’ve skipped already Castro(changed my mind…  but what you think guys? A relaxing quality weekend with my gf is much better than any scenery:)!?

First, couldn’t change my online busticket Santiago-> Castro (, but going to the Terminal de Buses Sur brought me the solution… they refunded me 85% of my ticket. As the girl in charge told me: sucks:) many times, always better come to the busterminal(and more cheaper choices!). So far so good, bought a ticket to Puerto Varas, Southern Chile with Condor company, nice spacious seats. Rate? 18.000 Chilean Peso, not a bad deal.

What we have to know about Puerto Varas(Llanquihue province in the Los Lagos Region)? A little town with German characteristics, on borders of the Llanquihue Lake(second largest in Chile) and a great spot to do many daytrips & excursions! The view on the snowy top of the Osorno Volcano is a bonus:)! Make sure, just before sunset go to the border of the lake and enjoy the sunset, you won’t be disappointed!

Booked 2 nights in the cosy hostel Margouya Patagonia, located in the centre on 5 min walking from the busstation(note: there are different busstations in Puerto Varas, busses who come from Santiago region ends at the Terminal in Del Salvador street). Good mattress, nice atmosphere, close to the centre and a fair cheap price(20,400 Peso for two nights)! One of the best hostels I’ve ever stayed in South America!

Ok, what did OstendNomad do in Puerto Varas? By Arrival at the hostel, dropped my stuff there and went into the city to see what is possible(book excursions&tours).

Booked an afternoon tour to Puerto Octay and Frutillar, two other coast towns with German influences. Rainy… pity… but was good to see a first glimpse of this region. Got only 10 minutes free time in Puerto Octay, in Frutillar and 1,5 hour. Time enough to be creative with my camera and have walk along the Llanquihue shore.

Puerto Octay

Town Of Frutillar

Day after, booked another tour: Petrohue & Osorno Volcano… but got ill in the night before(sore throat got worse). Cancel and stay in bed, didn’t want to affect the rest of my holidays. Listen to our body, even on holiday is a must. Pity, but is like how it is. On the other side, time to think about articles… edit pics etc. An evening walk and take some shots(2 HDR) of the Osorno volcano compensated my disappointment of my tour annulation. A region with many possibilities, hope for a revisit soon!

Puerto Varas

What’s next? Leaving Puerto Varas… back to Santiago and tomorrow we are gonna spend a long weekend close to Algarrobo, enjoy the beach and catch some sun.



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