Streets Of Santiago


My dear followers… almost a month ago since my last post, my apologizes:)!! As we all know: just before leaving on holiday… more busy then usual.

Finally, back in Chile, Santiago de Chile! Arrived in the afternoon, my friend picked me up on Los Heroes busstop(airport transfer) in the centre of Santiago… going home and we got the awesome idea, going to the pool! From 3 °C  in Belgium, to 30 °C in Santiago… A nice dive in the pool was a necessary refreshment after 26 hours on the way to reach Chile, and to stand 30  °C…

Second day, first plan.. buy a Chilean simcard(Entel prepaid) and some credit… second plan… getting lost in the city with my camera… has been a while.

Pictures underneath are a selection from my second visit(juin 2016) and wednesday 30 novembre.

Juin 2016

Novembre 2016


5 thoughts on “Streets Of Santiago

  1. Thanks for sharing and letting us see through your eyes.

  2. Welcome back to the blogging world! These are amazing photos! Thank you!

  3. Great photos – Santiago is on my list.

  4. Beautiful photography- currently living in Santiago and love these photos! Great perspective. – Jenn

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