My Hometown Oostende #3 National Seamen’s Memorial

On 3 november, a cold autumnevening… bit windy… empty streets of my hometown Oostende(Belgium). It’s again few weeks ago i’ve been on the road with my camera(sony alpha 58, 10-20 sigma lens) … time to be creative!

National Seamen's Memorial Oostende

This monument(created by Willy Kreitz in 1953) is located at the ‘zeeheldenplein’ (seamen’s square), pretty close to the fishmarket. A Monument what remember us our  brave local fishermen who died in the unpredictable sea. The proud sailor on the statue, cross his arms… watch out over the north sea, full confidence… . The sailor down the statue, sad…. is mourning… cause his mates lost their lives on the sea.

National Seamen's Memorial Oostende

The red bricks on the background, is an (controversial) art work created by Arne Quinze.



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