A lazy afternoon in Tigre(Buenos Aires)

How to spend my last day in Argentina?  Just do like many Portenos(that’s how they call the citizens of Buenos Aires) and take the Linea Mitre(remember… same line too El Barrio Chino) or Tren de la Costa to  Tigre,about 28 km of Buenos Aires.  Tigre is on an island, many canals and streams around and take a watertaxi, ferry , or a kayak…to guide you around the Parana Delta. Enough spots to book an excursion.

There is a lot of more to do in Tigre, of course:)! Into Art? Visit Boulevard the Tigre, on Saenz Pena street…. you can find some nice street art, art galleries… cosy restaurants, Bohemian style. Like more the typical crafts fair, go to Puerto de Frutos(Fruits Harbor).

There is even an amusement park in Tigre, named “Parque de la Costa” and an “AquaPark”, perfect if you have kids!

Close to Parque de la Costa is an artificial Chinatown too. But once you have been in other Chinatowns in NYC, or El Barrio Chino in Bs. Aires…. maybe better spend some time in one of the museums?

For those who are getting tired of touristic activities…. spend your money  in the Trilenium Casino.

Buenos Aires, one of the most beautifull places on earth I’ve ever visited… visit San Telmo, Puerto Madero, go to MALBA Museum… but please… don’t forget the outskirts, barrio’s and other less known neighborhoods.

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